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That Music Magazine » Heavy rocker Modern Monsters deliver killer 3-song self-titled EP set out now on out major platforms

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Written by Lauren Rosier

The Bay Area-based hard rock/alternative metal quartet, Modern Monsters, are thrilled to share their new 3-song self-titled EP, today on major platforms.

The EP’s opening track, “Furrow,” is both melodic and heavy. Vocalist Josh Weaver can sing and scream well and that can really make a difference. The musicianship amongst these bandmates is absolutely phenomenal; you can tell that these individuals are seasoned and realize their vision.

The second song, “Lament,” is a heavy rock track about “not having any pain anymore.” It is a song about deep, passionate sorrow or grief.

I think my favorite track out of the three is the last track, “Stay Free.” I think it’s the most radio-friendly song on the EP with heavy intro guitars, excellent drumming, and vocals, and screaming to die for.

From Modern Monsters:

“Our music comes from our angst about social issues surrounding us in our society. This EP is an expression of our frustrations and our want to move forward in a world that works together to solve our issues instead of becoming constantly divided. We wanted to write something to make people realize we are all in this together and can overcome our negative mindsets. We created heavy music mixed with experimental, melodic, textures to guide the listeners through their personal revolution.”

Modern Monsters is Brody Bass, Rich Wells, and Keenan Tuohy. The trio decided to move on from an older project they belonged to and move into a more heavy rock direction like Modern Monsters.

Through a great deal of trial and error, multiple guitarists, and vocals, they finally found the right fit in Wyatt Lennon, a high school friend of both vocalist Josh Weaver and drummer Keenan Tuohy, who was just found through a simple audition. The most important part of the group is the chemistry and brotherhood formed between the band and their shared love of music.

They focus on writing collaboratively than one member writing solo. They enjoy challenging each other and pushing each other “to find their individual identity and expressive element of the band.”

While the band always works hard, they pride themselves on their live performance. As hard as the band works, they hope that their audience to do the same when participating in their music.

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