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That Music Magazine » Indie rock collective, Arktik Lake, releases their debut EP, Shimmer, out now

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Written by Lauren Rosier

The intercontinental, psychedelic/indie-rock collective, Arktik Lake, recently released their debut EP, “Shimmer,” via ToneZone Records.

The “Shimmer” EP consists of 4 incredible, immersive tracks that draw inspiration from alternative, indie, and rock. The first track on the EP is the title track, “Shimmer.” This song is a guitar rock track with aspects of 90s alternative similar to artists like Matthew Sweet.

The second track is “Promises We Made.” This song has a great melody and harmonies built-in throughout the track. It begins with a guitar intro and keys before the vocals, singing about relationships and promises between two people.

The third track on the EP is an instrumental song, “Hombre.” It almost feels like there’s a bit of a Western-type flair to the song. I, for one, have a true appreciation for the music and instrumentation of strictly instrumental tracks because it truly hones in on the artist’s musical abilities and talent with each said instrument.

The last song on the album is a track titled “Misty Shore.” Indie-rock guitar chords are paired with glittering guitars and vocals to paint an image of a misty shore. The project shines especially when the band jams out during the last song, “Misty Shore,” and it allows the listener to really intricately listen to each player’s details.

Arktik Lake says:

Our EP “Shimmer” draws on and collects experiences from our favorite musical styles and influences, with a modern freshness for added appeal. Sparkling melodies with soaring guitars and vocals set against a driving rhythm section, telling stories with cinematographic splendor.”

Arktik Lake is Marty Willson-Piper (lead vocals/guitar; acoustic & 12-string guitars), Tony Rumble (rhythm, electric, & 12-string guitars); DC (bass guitar); Nigel Macara (drums/percussion); and Olivia Willson-Piper (backing vocals). Marty and Rumble have been playing together since 2019, truly incredible, with Marty and Olivia being based in Penzance (Cornwall, UK). Rumble, DC, and Macara all live in Sydney, Australia.

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