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That Music Magazine » Indie rock musician/producer, Nick Arneson, shares new album, Sunshine Guaranteed, out now

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‘Sunshine Guaranteed’ Album Artwork

Written by Ashley Paskill

The Portland-based musician and producer, Nick Arneson‘s latest album, “Sunshine Guaranteed,” is set for release tomorrow, Friday, October 8, 2021, across all music platforms. The album was produced by Arneson and Jon Guisbert. All songs were written and performed by Arneson. The backup vocals on “Heaven Sent” and “Holding On” were performed by Lindsay Cadell. The acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and banjo on “Holding On” were performed by Mike Barnhill (Hydra Fighter).

The album was created on the heels of 2020 and the struggles the world faced collectively. It gives the promise that, despite challenges that arise, things will get better, that sunshine is, in fact, guaranteed.

 “You’re 42 and you’ve never lived alone? This should be fun,” said Arneson in a press release. “Your best work will come out of you at the tail end of a desperate late-night panic attack where everything feels like it’s caving in around you and suddenly like a light in the distance a new song will vomit up from some unknown depth and scratch the maniacal itch that you didn’t know was there until it was soothed.”

Throughout the process of creating the album, Arneson teamed up with Guisbert. They collaborated on everything from artwork, production, creative direction, and general ideas for the album.

The album as a whole has moments of darkness mixed with moments of brightness and optimism, highlighting what the world has felt over the past year and a half or so of challenges and victories. Each song has different styles and feels, some being more upbeat and positive, and others being darker, moodier, and more vulnerable. The album hones in on Arneson’s indie and experimental style.

The lyrics of the album are a personal peek into the ups and downs of Arneson‘s life over the past year, including the pandemic and a divorce. Still, the lyrics do have promise that even though things seem lost, hope is still present, shining through to help us press on.

This album is worth a listen, especially for those who want to feel a sense of hope as well as a sense of not being alone in the struggles of life. It is only eight songs, making it short enough to have a listening session, but long enough to enjoy and encompass everything that has gone on over the past year. It is a perfect listen for those who need someone to relate to in the struggles as well as a sense of peace and hope for life after overcoming obstacles. After the past year and a half, this is a much-needed album.

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