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That Music Magazine » LA-based singer/songwriter, My Autumn Amor, shares EP, ‘Quiet Girl’ out now

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Written by Lauren Rosier

The L.A.-based singer/songwriter, My Autumn Amor, a.k.a. Thomas Monroe, unveils the release of his new EP, “Quiet Girl.” The 5-song set features theatrical Monroe offering an early David Bowie sound with true grace and simple sincerity.

Monroe‘s career began at the ripe age of 5 when his father gave him a microphone and made him sing with Beatles’ records. Tragically, he found himself homeless in his teens, sometimes going days without food, but still managing to play music.

Monroe’s songs have consistently been featured on college and mainstream radio through various projects and bands. The track, “Your Life Is a Song” (featuring Yuri Noda) recently peaked at #51 on the Mediabase chart, with over 1,800 spins on the U.S. Top 40 charts. He has had 3 previous songs on KROQ Los Angeles, one on Alt 98.7, and tons of airplay on over 240 college radio stations.

The title track is the first song on the EP where Monroe sings about an introverted female singer to whom he’s taken a liking. I can see where there are some familiarities between and Bowie; however, there are many differences as well.

The first two songs on the EP sound completely different. I really enjoy “RSVP.” The lyricism and music are very introspective and relatable; maybe there have been friends in your life that you’ve wronged and maybe it’s too late to tell them the truth. Now it’s their birthday and you want to say happy birthday, and you want to apologize, but how could an apology do any justice. This is a really great song; it just has such emotion to it and you can just imagine what he was going through when he was writing it.

The next track is the song “Believe.” The track begins with this retro, 70s-like vibe that instantly reminded me of Elton John. Honestly, I thought it was an Elton John cover song. It’s truly has a classic-ness to the track “If you’re gonna believe in something, then believe in yourself..” I think this is an excellent track.

Monroe gives the best vocal performance on the track, “Tempest Eye.” His voice seems the most honest and raw on this recording. It’s pure and authentic and honest. This track has more of an alternative rock feel similar to many bands from the 90s.

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