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That Music Magazine » Marc-E delivers divine experimental album with ‘Catharsis,’ out now

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Written by Lauren Rosier

The Vancouver-based downtempo musician, Marc-E, shares his new experimental record, Catharsis, out now. Those electronic music junkies can expect to hear a “multi-layered psychedelic experience” in addition to intense, live instrumentation, and syncopated hand drums.

Marc-E used special recording techniques and used multiple instruments. He embraced his own sound effects, as well as natural sounds, to create an incredible, rule-breaking album release.

Catharsis is very experimental, I used many creative and unique recording techniques. The vibe and feel of Catharsis are to release past traumas and find comfort in the moments and move on with full confidence in life,” Marc-E explains.

The 8-track set opens with the ethereal song, “Acceptance.” The track begins with ringing bells, echoing off into the distance, as the piano and drums, slowly begin their way into the song. You hear the sounds of what are supposed to be birds, layered over the keys, guitar, and drums. It teaches the listener to slowly “accept” things as they almost metaphorically. It’s a lovely track.

“Virtue of Isolation” is an eerie track with elements of Eastern influences spread through the song.

Marc-E is a music producer and performer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Much of his sound is influenced by world music and nature samples layered with electronics and organic drums.

Since he was a young age, he’s been working on various music projects, with his first full-length, Here Again, the self-produced album released in 2014-15. His second full-length, self-produced album, Sub Ek, focuses more on spiritual and psychedelic aspects of his life.

The track, “Shadow Work,” is a mellow, introspective song featuring guitars, echoing notes as the sounds into the distance.

Overall, this is a really, chill, cathartic EP with soothing, introspective music. I loved how he knew how to manipulate sounds to create emotion.

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