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That Music Magazine » Musician/composer, Zach Tabori, shares latest track “Warning Call”

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photo credit: Sarah Pardini

Written by Lauren Rosier

Musician and composer, Zach Tabori, shares his latest track, “Warning Call,” out now via his own Flesh Fury.

“Warning Call” is a melodic indie-rock track that brings nostalgia back with ’70s-style melodies and exquisite vocals from Tabori. The song features Rachel Eckroth, who plays piano for Rufus Wainright. She will also be featured on Tabori‘s forthcoming EP, Pandemic Ballads, out now via his very own,  Flesh Fury.

“The song is about a loved one suffering from addiction and the overall feeling of helplessness. When you come from an obnoxiously loud rock and roll background, sometimes the most experimental thing you can do is to actually strip away the guitar solos and try to create something a little softer,” says Tabori.

“The mood of a pandemic aligns with the mood of this EP,” Tabori furthers. “A lot of my songs deal with existential crisis of some sort and a feeling of isolation after being overwhelmed by life experiences and various emotions. These lyrical qualities seem to fit with the qualities of life during COVID. Everybody feels isolated.”

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