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That Music Magazine » Philly artist, A Day Without Love, shares Part 2 of ‘WTF’ EP out now

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Written by Maria Arroyo

Local Philly artist, A Day Without Love (a.k.a. Brian Walker), shares part 2 of his two-part WTF EP.

The knows-no-limits A Day Without Love (ADWL) speaks even louder on some more imperative topics while sharing his love and ideas through his music. While Part 1 of WTF speaks more to the increasingly crazy year that we have all had, Part 2 is all about the importance of speaking your mind, and exercising your right to vote in this year’s election.

Quite possibly my favorite track is “Coffee and Capitalism” which is literally just an anthem to “take action and support your local fucking business” because anyone who has coffee in the mix already has my attention.

His moving and reality-bringing tracks, “America Needs To Do Better” and “Literacy And Livelihood,” both attest to the lack of support to the Black communities. While he’s sharing a very important message, he does so while shining some light on a more classic jazz and blues-inspired sound.

Walker’s work has always consisted of “varying stories about depression, addiction, racism, sociopolitical inequality and how to cope with these issues.” He’s participated in everything from “fundraising, awareness campaigns, collaborations, skill-sharing, hosting meet-ups, leading community groups, and marching.” He continues to be a voice for his local project and community and has been since 2013.

WTF Part 1 and 2 were both self-produced by Walker himself, along with collaborations with Anthony Gatta (drums), Bloomer (Part 1), and mixing completed by Bartees Strange.

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