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That Music Magazine » Rising pop star DASHA drops video for single “None of My Business” out now

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Written by Lauren Rosier

After releasing the single, “None of My Business,” rising pop star, DASHA, delivers the bold video to accompanying the track. The stunning video depicts DASHA walking in on her boyfriend with another woman. Of course, at first she was upset; however, she quickly decides to go out and have a fun day with her best friends. In the video, DASHA makes it clear that she’s better off without him.

The song oozes “breeziness and sparkles with its 90’s R&B influenced melody.” DASHA delivers “emotional, intensely honest” lyricism that is so sharp it “cuts like a knife.” The track was co-written by Chelsea Balan (AJ Mitchell, Joseph Tilly, Kaskade) and produced by Elijah Hill  (Crobin, Young L., Maty Noyes)

DASHA explains, “‘None Of My Business’ was written around the feeling you get when the person you want doesn’t want you back. The storyline in the record is exaggerated into walking in on the guy you’re with and another girl cheating, but the sentiment is the same. There are so many songs about crying over someone who doesn’t want you back but I’m not about to spend that much energy playing the victim and being hurt over some dude. ‘None Of My Business’ is all about showing that person the bad bitch they lost and almost rubbing it in their face a little!”

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