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That Music Magazine » Rising pop star, Madison Olds, shares her empowering single, “Bad Thing” out now

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Illustration: Zainab Zahid Ali

Written by Maria Arroyo

Pop singer/songwriter Madison Olds is thrilled to share her new upbeat and empowering single, “Bad Thing,” out now! This is her third single release, in anticipation for her upcoming album. She describes this exciting new single as a “flirtatious tale of a girl who fights herself from falling for someone who may or may not be trouble.”

“Bad Thing” is the best kind of catchy and energetic song that screams female empowerment! It’s like a glammed and brightened up version of some of Billie Eilish‘s music! The fun and sensual energy driving the song makes it impossible to not feel the music at your very core, and it’s an incredible feeling.

Madison Olds‘ also shares that she hopes to “empower people to feel comfortable with their discomfort,” and also says that her music always comes from a “personal experience where [she] had to learn and grow on [her] own.” Her hope? That people will “relate to [her music] by reflecting on the uniqueness, and their own story.”

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