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That Music Magazine » Rock band LEVARA signs to Mascot Records, releases new single “Heaven Knows”

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Written by Lauren Rosier

Mascot Records announces the signing of rock band LEVARA to the label and shares the band’s first release, their new single, “Heaven Knows.” They plan to release their debut studio album in 2021.

Guitarist Trev Lukather shares, “‘Heaven Knows’ is the opening track to our album so it makes sense to have it as our introduction to The World. Fast pace, in your face rock ‘n roll with that added LEVARA swag. The video is an old-school homage to the early MTV takeover days adding our album color concept, bringin’ that sharp dressed Miami Vice vibe to the mix. We are just three guys that love making music and having as much fun in the process so the video is simply an accurate representation of us.”

Singer Jules Galli reveals, “‘Heaven Knows’ is about digging through the darker parts of your own psyche. It’s about asking questions to yourself and recognizing our mystical connection to the bigger picture, a higher power… I like to think of it as a shamanic reading someone would receive in the Amazonian jungle. What’s stopping you from reaching your ultimate potential?”

LEVARA is Jules Galli (lead vocals), Trev Lukather (guitar), and Josh Devine (drums).

LEVARA aims to be a band that offers an escape, with “with points of reflection that relate to any listener’s life.” They want “to be the catalyst for each and every person who comes across the music to find revelations through the experience of hearing these songs.”

The band formed in Los Angeles. Galli emigrated from France, while Devine chose L.A. as home instead of his native U.K. following the success behind the kit with One Direction. Soon, in L.A., they met Lukather (son of Toto’s Steve Lukather), and soon LEVARA was born.

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