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That Music Magazine » Rock band, Sonic Fuel, shares new self-titled album, out now

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‘Sonic Fuel’ Album Artwork

Written by Lauren Rosier

The Knoxville, Tennessee-based rock band, Sonic Fuel, has readied their brand new, self-titled, debut album for release, out now. Formed in 2019 by singer/songwriter/guitarist, David Hales, the band has already been busy in 2020, releasing three singles, “I Will Rise,” “Karma,” and “Scream,” as well as a music video. The album also features a few special musicians that contribute some special guitar work.

We made a conscious decision to make a no-frills rock album with emotionally-charged songs about love, loss, hope, angst, and ecstasy,” Hales begins. “There’s even some satire (‘Tune In’). It is undoubtedly thematic of the highs, lows, and realities of life and society today. We were thrilled and fortunate to have contributions from some of the best guitarists on the planet.

The album opens with the track, “Good Things,” a catchy, alternative rock track that talks about “the great things that are coming our way.” Hales sings: “I never thought I could change my ways / until I met you…”

“Wild & Free” opens gently with Hales singing about a woman he recently met and their first fiery meeting. Hales sings loudly as he gives everything he’s got to the rockin’ chorus. The subdued verses that lead up to the louder choruses work very well in this track I think because of the hard rock nature of the chorus and the softer rock notes of the verses. It all just melds very well together.

The following track, “I Believe,” is just simply a great track about believing in love. Will McFarlane (Bonnie Raitt/Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section) is featured on the track, as well as “Want To.”

I really enjoyed the next song, “I Will Rise,” as it had a strong story, instrumentation, and was a strong radio-friendly track; perhaps, so far, the most radio-friendly song on the album.

“It’s Life” is filled with great storytelling lyricism. Andy Wood (Rascal Flatts, Sebastian Bach, Suhr Guitars) is featured in “Wild & Free,” “I Will Rise,” “It’s Life,” and “Scream.”

“Karma” is just a great rock song.

Sonic Fuel features Chris Robbins (drums/guitars), Burton Akers (bass), and Julius Blue (keys/piano). The album was produced by Travis Wyrick.

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