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That Music Magazine » Scranton-based singer/songwriter, Sleeplore, shares new EP, ‘Sleeplore,’ out today

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‘Sleeplore’ EP Artwork

Written by Ashley Paskill

The Scranton-based artist, Clyde Rosencrance, releases his debut EP, Sleeplore, under his project of the same name. The album will be released across music platforms. It was mastered by multi-Grammy award-winning engineer, Brian Lucey, and features multi-platinum artist, Anthony J. Resta, along with other guest artists.

Despite this being Sleeplore‘s debut album, Rosencrance has performed with Yellowcard, The Roots, and Everclear, and has released music with Ourafter and the Magdalyns. He also works with various artists through his personal studio, Republic Audio Studio

“These songs were written and recorded over a period of more than 10 years while working on other projects,” said Rosencrance in a press release. “My goal was to capture the essence that helped define the Sleeplore sound by handpicking through my catalog to set the course for what’s to come. The songs are a rollercoaster ride of introspective thoughts and emotions with production that helps place you in those various states.”

The album consists of six songs that are unique but still clearly Sleeplore. They all have a calming quality in the instrumentation and the mixing that transports listeners into the world of the songs. Each song captures the listener’s attention and draws them in. The mixing is clean on all of the songs, so the lyrics are easily heard and understood. This is not something that is done easily.

While the songs’ lyrics are vague in nature, this allows the songs to be relatable since they can be applied to various situations. There may only be six songs on the album, but the lyrics and the music capture so much emotion and story, far more than longer albums put out in today’s world. 

Rosencrance says the project’s sound is influenced by artists such as Sparklehorse, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, and Coldplay, which definitely shows through. The album features rock elements while still having a trance-like sound.

Overall, this album is really well done. It is clear that a lot of time and energy went into crafting each song and the overall sound of the album to be coherent. The songs each had something unique, but all of the songs flowed together nicely. The end of the album, “Easy,” leaves off with listeners wanting more, which means that the album did a great job of drawing listeners in and capturing our ears for the duration. This album is a much-appreciated escape from an otherwise chaotic world and personally, I have been wanting an album like this for a while now.

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