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That Music Magazine » Singer/songwriter, Courtney Cotter King, brings jazz of years past into 2021 on single, “Fine Breed,” out now

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Written by Ashley Paskill

Courtney Cotter King‘s newest single, “Fine Breed,” is available now for listening across most music platforms. The song brings the jazz of years past into 2021. It talks about growing up in a large family. King is the youngest of six kids and has been instilled with a strong sense of family values in her. The song tells of the happy memories she had when she was growing up.

This single release is the first in a string of releases of songs leading up to King‘s next album release coming in 2022, entitled “Brood.” The next single release will be on October 1 with “Big Strong Man.”

King began writing music at the age of three and has since mastered the piano. She is a mom of three young kids and hopes her music inspires other moms to know that they can still be creative, make music, even while juggling the responsibilities that come with motherhood.

“Marriage and motherhood have opened me up to songs I could have never written without these sweet souls in my life,” King said on her website. 

Her music fits in with the blue-eyed soul, soft rock, folk, and singer-songwriter genres. She has performed alongside musicians like Meghan Trainor, Melanie Safka, and Courtney Marie Andrews. She has released a number of songs, including two previous albums.

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