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That Music Magazine » Treasure Gnomes drops new single “Messages” featuring Lachi via Be Yourself Music

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Written by Lauren Rosier

EDM DJ, songwriter, and producer Treasure Gnomes celebrates the release of his track, “Messages,” featuring Lachi on vocals, out now via Be Yourself Music.

We really enjoyed working on this track together. Everyone’s experienced that moment where they still hit ‘Send’ despite all the advice in the world. I know I have, and so has Lachi. I’m just a really messy bitch…” said Treasure Gnomes.

The track began as your typical love/hate letter to an ex. Lachi ended up falling in love with the record and quickly created a song. The pair worked together virtually and with Mixcube Studios to create “Messages.”

Treasure Gnomes delivers “impeccably produced, beat-heavy music” that bursts with melody. Morrissey is an inspiration to Gnomes, “Morrissey and his lyrics, being from the same background as me made me take a leap and go for it.”

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