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#TheBraaiShow Drama Heats Up: AKA Serves SABC With Legal Letter

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#TheBraaiShow Drama Heats Up: AKA Serves SABC With Legal Letter. A whole can of worms has been opened since the announcement that Cassper would be hosting season two of The Braai Show. A decision AKA has said was made without his approval. AKA has now served, the public broadcaster with a legal letter demanding that the SABC cease the scheduled airing of the show.

Cassper taking over as host of The Braai Show has been the talk of the streets. From people assuming that Cass is working for his rival to claims about AKA‘s role on the show’s second season. The matter of rapper AKA’s involvement on The Braai Show seems to not have an end in sight, as things are heating up between parties involved in the matter.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela tweeted a legal letter that T-Effect, AKA’s management team has served through their legal representation Tailor Made Solutions to the SABC. The three-page long letter details AKA’s version of events of his partnership with MakhuduCom and Cake Media. The letter also explains what resolutions the rapper is looking for in the matter.

In the letter, AKA legal team details that the rapper entered into a partnership with MakhuduCom and they jointly came up with the concept for The Braai Show for AKA TV. MakhuduCom then allegedly was unable to pay BarLeader who was commissioned for the production of the show. This then resulted in Makhudu entering into a deal with Cake Media and gave up its right to the show to Cake Media in exchange for them footing the production bill, what was owed and future production costs.

Cake Media then became partners with AKA as per the original agreement with Makhudu stepping out of the show. Cake Media is the one who secured the deal with the SABC this is for season 1. The letter goes on to allege that Cake Media and AKA entered into a new agreement for the shooting of the remaining episodes. This year SABC expressed interest in season two of the show, AKA was a part of these initial talks. He was on board to continue hosting the show or being a personality on the show. In April he stepped back from the production, this was when Cake Media started looking for a new host in order to fulfil their obligations to the SABC.


The letter details that AKA has engaged in discussions about his legal stake in the show but the talks have not been fruitful. The rapper has demanded that he received a 50% entitlement, as the joint copyright owner, to all proceeds received in relation to the show. Appropriate production credit as the executive producer of the show. A copy of the agreement between the SABC and Cake Media and is demanding that the show not air on September 8, 2021. AKA does not mention anything about changing the host or having an issue with the selected host in his legal letter.

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