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This Is What KidX Thinks Artists Should Do To Keep SA Hip Hop Relevant

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This Is What KidX Thinks Artists Should Do To Keep SA Hip Hop Relevant. The SA Hip Hop scene is evolving, things are changing within the game. At the moment artist are finding themselves having to adapt in order to stay relevant. This is at times tricky for artists who still want to be relevant to the genre that they gained fame in. Several artists have for instance received backlash for hopping to amapiano beats. While artists are showing off their rap skills on the popular beats, the move has been frowned upon in the SA Hip Hop community.

Rapper KidX recently expressed his willingness to hop on to amapiano beats, especially if he comes across the right beat. KidX has been known to play around with South Ah musical sounds and infuses them into his Hip Hop style. KidX has done this with his latest single, Jukebox which is Kwaito inspired Hip Hop track. In a recent interview, the rapper got candid about how he sees SA Hip Hop evolving in the future.

Speaking to Pan African Music, KidX shared how SA Hip Hop has always merged with other genres and this should be the same when it comes to Amapiano music. “I think SA hip-hop is in a position where it’s gonna have to adapt. And I don’t think that should be a problem, simply because SA hip-hop will always be hip-hop mixed with whatever sound is South African. Amapiano is a South African genre, and it just needs to link up with hip-hop and to become a new subgenre called whatever it will be called. That will allow SA hip-hop to still be relevant. And we see artists dabbling into it, and the worlds are slowly starting to merge.”

“Once we get more SA rappers on ‘piano beats, even ‘piano as we know it is going to be forced to change because hip-hop has always been more lyrical. So once we start putting out music that is more lyrical on dance beats, the audience who usually likes less lyrical stuff are going to want more. It’s all very interesting!” explained KidX. While the rapper may have a point, it may take some convincing for the SA Hip Hop community to buy into the concept. After all SA Hip Hop artists are getting bashed for appearing on Amapiano Hip Hop Cyphers. Reason recently caught heat on social media for appearing on the cypher, which title was quite the talking point on social media.

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