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To Many More! A-Reece Celebrates His Catalogue

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To Many More! A-Reece Celebrates His Catalogue. A-Reece has a catalogue that features some of SA Hip Hop’s hottest songs, he has a catalogue that features songs that have gone on to top charts. The rapper has dropped projects over the years showing off his skills as an artist and as a producer. His fans have consistently praised A-Reece for his work ethic on every single project that he has dropped because the rapper never fails to produce a quality product.

The 24-year-old rapper has one of the strongest fanbases in the country, took to social media to celebrate his “special musical voyage” with his “real supporters” as he celebrated his musical catalogue. A-Reece shared with his fans, The Slimes as they are called the anniversaries of his past projects, Paradise turns 5, From Me to You and Only You turns 4, And I’m only 21 turns 3. The album siblings were birthed a year after each other, an indication of how fired up A-Reece was from 2016 to 2018. “‘paradise’ turns 5, ‘fmtyaoy’ turns 4, ‘and I’m only 21’ turns 3. wow… to many more! a special musical voyage to remember forever all thanks to the real supporters,” tweeted A-Reece.

A-Reece this year, dropped his album, Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory and is already working on a joint project with Jay Jody. His album is A-Reece’s form of therapy, in an interview with Tracklib, the rapper spoke about the inspiration for the project. “The new album is all about self-introspection. The new album is based on A-Reece, the naked truth about what I went through this year in 2020. The name of the album is Today’s Tragedy: Tomorrow’s Memory, that’s how I feel 2020 is. It’s a tragedy for me because so many things happened in my life that I even wanna forget at this point but I know when I look back at it in a couple of years, it’s just gonna be another memory. That’s how I feel“.

A-Reece also in a separate interview shared about the process of making his album: “It took me an entire year to wrap this project up. That’s the longest I’ve taken to put together a complete body of work. The approach was different. I was caught between having a lot to speak about and not being a mouthful or unnecessarily overwhelming. The record is a musical expression of what’s inside my troubled mind.”

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