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Tory Lanez Could Be Heading To Prison For Getting Too Close To Megan Thee Stallion

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Tory Lanez performance with DaBaby at Rolling Loud could cost him his freedom now the prosecutors want to throw him in jail for the performance!

Rap star Tory Lanez could be heading to prison, all surrounding his appearance at DaBaby’s disastrous performance during Rolling Loud on July 25.

According to reports, prosecutors claim Tory Lanez violated the terms of his bond, for allegedly shooting Megan thee Stallion in the feet after a house party in Los Angeles in July of 2020.

Tory pleaded innocent, and was eventually released on $190,000 bond, and given a strict no contact order with Megan thee Stallion.

Prosecutors believe he violated the restraining order when he hit the stage with DaBaby, just minutes after Megan thee stallion had left the stage.

To complicate the matters for Tory Lanez, prosecutors claim he and DaBaby inexplicably attempted to rush the stage while Meg was performing.

Tory also has a gag order against him, barring him from discussing the case, although he seemed to address the charges in a freestyle titled “When Its Dark (E-NFT) 8-10-21′ Freestyle,” where he talked about holding guns, and cancel culture.

Tory Lanez claims he is innocent, and his team says he never got within 100 feet of Megan thee Stallion during his surprise performance with DaBaby.

According to TMZ, prosecutors are seeking one of two outcomes: to throw him in jail, or to increase his bond as punishment.

Most people believe DaBaby was being vindictive when he brought out Tory Lanez.

On Juneteenth, DaBaby was accused of re-tweeting a message making fun of Megan after the video for his collaborative song with Tory Lanez titled “SKAT” was released.

Meg unfollowed DaBaby who also recorded a hit song with her call “Cry Baby.”

“Justice is slow… As we’ve all seen… Back to my good day,” Megan tweeted.

“My stance isn’t changed at all YOURS has. We already spoke abt This in private and you specifically said ‘that ain’t even no good business move why would I promote that s###’ but now this ain’t your ‘beef’? That ain’t real. But you stay on ya ‘business’ my G,” Megan said accusing DaBaby when changing his stance and deciding to support Tory Lanez.

A hearing is already scheduled for next thursday, where Tory Lanez will learn his fate.

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