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Travis Scott BetterHelp Partnership – AllHipHop

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The icing on the sh*tcake is here.

Travis Scott has just put the icing on the sh*tcake that is the Astroworld tragedy.

Earlier today, it was revealed that the rapper earned a partnership with BetterHelp to offer a 15 percent discount on the first month of services for those who suffered emotional trauma as a result of the concert.

That, of course, pretty much entails everybody, since soldiers who go off to war are often diagnosed with PTSD after they return. It only stands to reason that a bunch of teenagers would be suffering from the same thing after watching civilians (including children) die beneath their feet. But what do I know?

Anyway, this Travis Scott partnership is even worse than it appears on the surface, according to Newsweek.

it’s a great way to force unsuspecting, grieving teenagers and their families into accepting third party arbitration that precludes a future lawsuit so he’s certainly an enterprising young man https://t.co/AjE5E5bgVy


Aside from its exorbitant costs (between $60 and $80 per week, billed monthly – which, for mathematically illiterate amongst you, works out to $240 and $320 per month, exclusive of taxes), the platform pays terrible wages to its therapists, many of whom aren’t even licensed to practice therapy. (This sort of seems on brand for Travis Scott, but again, don’t go by me.)

what they fail to mention is betterhelp sells their data to facebook & if they accept this, any refunds or paid funeral costs then it waives their ability to sue travis & livenation https://t.co/V6QpzC2JzB


And there’s more: BetterHelp mines user data, and has frequently come under fire for its exploitative privacy practices. What do they do with the mined data, you ask? Sell it to companies like Facebook (or Meta, or whatever it’s calling itself these days in an effort to avoid liability). And do you know what happens to you, the consumer, when that happens? You lose the right to sue.

So, this entire story can be summed up in a nutshell: Travis Scott is doing all this to avoid liability.

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