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URL Owner E. Beasley Talks Drake, Battle Rap & The Future

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E. Beasley from URL sits down with AllHipHop to talk about Drake’s involvement, the future of battle rap and much more!

URL’s E. Beasley Talks Drake, Battle Rap Dominance, The Future And Pushing On When Eminem, Snoop Dogg And Others Want In!

When you think of battle rap, once you get past the pioneers and the old school back-and-forth, you have to think of the Ultimate Rap League – URL. 

The name rings bells in battle rap, well outside of the fringes like some of those considered competitors. URL has mastered and cornered the market on the hyper-aggressive, competitive culture. 

Since they started in 2009, modeled in part by the UFC, the battle league has risen in a trajectory similar to a 90° angle – straight up. 

Three people own URL – Troy “Smack White” Mitchell, Eric Beasley, and Jean “Cheeko” French. 

E. Beasley recently talked to Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and gave an excellent and insightful conversation about the company, the relationship with Drake, business dealings with Caffeine, the future of the genre, and many other matters. 

THIS WEEKEND – OCTOBER 30TH: Drake’s Til Death Do Us Part, an Ultimate Rap League event, will feature dream matchups between some of the top names in battle rap. 

Fans can stream the show for free this Saturday at 6 p.m. Eastern via caf.tv/urltv.


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