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VERIVERY Cancels Remainder Of U.S. Tour After Yongseung Tests Positive For COVID-19

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VERIVERY has cancelled all remaining stops of their U.S. tour due to Yongseung testing positive for COVID-19.

Earlier this month, VERIVERY kicked off their first-ever U.S. tour, which was scheduled to take them to nine different cities across the United States. However, on December 17 local time, the group suddenly cancelled their concert for that night in Cleveland, which would have been the seventh stop of their tour.

At the time, Jellyfish Entertainment explained, “Before the start of the tour, all VERIVERY members and staff participating in the ‘2021 VERIVERY 1st Tour in U.S.’ were fully vaccinated in November 2021. In compliance with the local council’s regulations, each member of the tour crew was tested for COVID-19 before each performance day by the accompanying COVID-19 Compliance Officer with a negative result. However, abnormal symptoms have been found today, and as such, all members and staff have received the PCR test…. We will do our best to announce the test results and all future schedules as soon as possible.”

Later that evening, Jellyfish Entertainment officially announced the results of their PCR tests: Yongseung tested positive for COVID-19, while all of the other VERIVERY members and staff tested negative. The agency went on to state that it had therefore decided to cancel not only VERIVERY’s Cleveland concert, but also their concerts scheduled to take place in Harrisburg on December 19 and in New York on December 20.

The agency’s full English statement is as follows:

This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

Yongseung of VERIVERY has tested positive for COVID-19 on December 17th (18th in Korea). Yongseung was immediately separated from the other members and staff, and has started self-isolation in compliance with the regulations of local council and the State of Ohio. He has no other symptoms than a light headache.

Other VERIVERY members and all staff participating in “2021 VERIVERY 1st Tour in U.S.” tested negative and show no symptoms of infections such as fever, cough, etc.

As announced previously, the safety of our fans and VERIVERY is of utmost importance. Taking this into consideration, we’ve decided to cancel all schedules, including the shows scheduled in Cleveland on 12.17 (18th in Korea), Harrisburg on 12.19 (20th in Korea), and New York on 12.20 (21st in Korea).

Again, we truly apologize for any inconveniences and causing you concern.

In accordance with the policies of the local council as well as the disease prevention authorities in Korea, we will do our best to ensure Yongseung’s quick recovery and the safe return of our artists and staff, considering their health condition.

Thank you.

We wish Yongseung the speediest of recoveries!

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