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Video Review: Wobɛdi Adanseɛ by Piesie Esther | Ghana Music

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Fire-brand minstrel, Piesie Esther has dropped visuals of her latest single dubbed; WOBƐDI ADANSEƐ and has since been the talk of town.

In an era where discussions are brewing among music fanatics and critics alike, about elevating the production standards and quality of our audiovisuals and songs in itself, Piesie has passed the mark.

The Gospel fraternity has come under heavy criticisms over the years about how their music videos lack creativity and attractiveness due to the ‘flower pot’ syndrome.

Although that is a thing of the past with the emergence of a new wave of contemporary Gospel acts, Pieise Esther’s WOBƐDI ADANSEƐ visuals has scaled up the standard with it’s cutting edge, pixels, scenic views, apt location, luxury feel, solid costumery and overall clean edits.

Directed by the renowned Skyweb Videos, known for their immense contribution to innovative new age Gospel music videos, the work of art is destined for several awards.

The vocal delivery, lyrics and arrangement of the songs itself is on point and the storyline that accompanies it rightly narrates the message of people receiving their testimonies.

This kis a solid comeback for the cherished artistse whose ministartions and hits have long been a blessing unto the body of Christ in Ghana and the Ghanaian community globally.

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