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Watch: 2PM’s Lee Junho And Lee Se Young Are Full Of Laughter On Set Of “The Red Sleeve”

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The Red Sleeve” has shared a cute making-of clip for episodes 7 and 8!

The MBC historical drama is about the imperial romance between crown prince Yi San (Lee Junho), who becomes emperor, and the strong-willed court lady Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young).

The video starts with Lee Junho checking Lee Se Young’s forehead temperature. The director exclaims, “The angle [from the camera] looks like you should kiss!” Lee Se Young quickly asks, “What?” Someone then explains with a giggle, “They said you should kiss,” and the actors professionally dive right in.

Later, Lee Junho crouches out of sight to make a natural entrance into the scene. However, he comes in very abruptly, and Lee Se Young quietly asks, “You’re coming in like this?” causing the director to burst into laughter.

At night, Lee Se Young begins filming with Yang Byung Yeol, who plays her brother Sung Sik. As she approaches him, she starts laughing, causing him to ask, “Why? Why?” Lee Se Young explains, “It’s like looking in a mirror,” commenting on their similar facial features.

As this was his first time filming, Yang Byung Yeol comments, “I was able to show what I prepared because everyone treated me comfortably. I was shocked because [Lee Se Young and I] looked so similar.”

In the next scene, Lee Se Young is gathered with her fellow court ladies where she tells them she likes the crown prince, making them giggle like kids. As they excitedly film the scene and play a wide variety of games, Junho watches from overhead with Oh Dae Hwan. The two film the following scene and Junho struggles to hold in his laughter as a staff member comments, “He was holding in [his laughter] from the start.”

Lee Se Young and Junho then film a serious scene where they diligently work with the director throughout rehearsals to get all the details right. After they popcorn many ideas and discuss with the director, the two actors professionally perfect the serious scene then go right back to their usual adorable antics.

Park Ji Young, who plays Head Court Lady Jo, makes her return to set and announces that it has been around 20 days since she last filmed. As she films with the young cast members and praises them, Lee Se Young jokes from the side, “She’s scary even when she’s saying ‘Good job.’”

Next, Lee Se Young and Junho find themselves in front of Lee Deok Hwa, who plays King Young Jo. As the pair rehearse when and how they should make eye contact, Lee Deok Hwa draws laughter as he comments, “You’re only forgiven because it’s a drama. Am I dumb? You’re making eye contact and laughing like that.”

At the end, Lee Se Young must shed tears out of relief and the staff members laugh, saying that she’s crying a little too much for the scene.

“The Red Sleeve” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m. KST!

Watch the full making-of video here:

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