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Watch: 2PM’s Lee Junho And Oh Dae Hwan Have An Abundance Of Silly Ideas While Filming “The Red Sleeve”

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MBC’s “The Red Sleeve” released a new behind-the-scenes video!

2PM’s Lee Junho gets ready by stretching before a scene in which he has to sit down for a long time. As soon as the camera starts rolling, he immerses himself in his role with a steady and serious gaze while paying attention to his character’s emotions.

The director can’t help but laugh when Oh Dae Hwan appears in the King’s clothing, commenting on how much bigger he is than the King. Oh Dae Hwan explains, “It’s because I’m wearing armor.” Oh Dae Hwan skillfully faces off against an assassin, and he ends the scene by posing hilariously after parting his royal robes. One of the staff members yell, “Stop it, don’t do that,” but no one can stop Oh Dae Hwan as he comically shakes his hips.

After Lee Junho practices wielding a bow outside, he finally reunites with Oh Dae Hwan. Lee Junho reveals that Oh Dae Hwan went to the emergency room the previous night due to enteritis, and Oh Dae Hwan adds that he’s been going back and forth to the bathroom. The actor explains, “That’s why I didn’t want to have an action scene today, just in case.”

When Lee Junho asks if Oh Dae Hwan is perfectly prepared for their teamwork, Oh Dae Hwan honestly replies that he isn’t. Lee Junho tells him to lie, and Oh Dae Hwan immediately changes his answer and comments, “[Our teamwork] is no joke.” Observing Oh Dae Hwan touching his prop sword, Lee Junho playfully remarks, “He’s a man who touches a real sword with his bare hands.” However, Oh Dae Hwan pretends to play golf with his blade instead.

While waiting for filming to begin, Oh Dae Hwan gets a silly idea and slides down the smooth side of the stairs dramatically with his sword in hand. Lee Junho bows to the staff and asks them to be careful, and Oh Dae Hwan simply copies him by nodding along and adding, “Me too.”

“The Red Sleeve” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m. KST. Watch the full making-of video below!

Catch up on the drama with subtitles on Viki below:

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