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Watch! AKA Channels His Inner Andre 3000 With New Hairstyle SA Hip Hop Mag

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Watch! AKA Channels His Inner Andre 3000 With New Hairstyle. AKA’s go-to haircut while he was a member of the hip-hop group Entity was a short brush cut or near fade. The appearance was unremarkable, and he proceeded to play it safe until the release of his first solo album, Altar Ego, in 2011. 

The rapper has been flaunting different hairstyles throughout his career. He’s evolved into a hair chameleon, offering a wide range of styles and colors. Most of these looks have received positive feedback, but others have left people wondering what the SuperMega is on about?

Just as we thought that the SuperMega has now settled with his dreadlocks, the rapper has just surprised us all with another teasing Hairstyle if we can put it that way. Its not really clear if AKA has decided to take that route when it comes to his looks and hairstyle preferences.

AKA posted on his Instagram stories a video of him flexing and rocking the hairstyle of the iconic rapper Andre 3000 of the Outkast group with a song caption So Fresh So Clean. Now questions are rising if the SuperMega will be permanently rocking the heydays hairstyle or was he just teasing and playing around?

The high-top fade with semi-clean edges and loads hair texture at the top is the AKA look that hip hop fans adore the most, and it’s undoubtedly the rapper’s most long-standing hairdo. It shouts cool mostly in the SA hip hop space.

Hip hop artists not only AKA are all for trying new things, but its not really clear what to think of AKA’s hair at this period. Remember the blonde hair that was orange he went on and darkened to eliminate any yellowness? Its just one haircut after the other for the SuperMega and that has been one of the most interesting part of his character as an artist.

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