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Watch: ASTRO Takes 3rd Win For “After Midnight” On “Music Bank”; Performances By THE BOYZ, Sunmi, Ten, And More

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The August 13 episode of “Music Bank” featured ASTRO’s “After Midnight” and AKMU’s “NAKKA” as candidates for first place. ASTRO took their third win for “After Midnight” with 4,988 points over 3,847 points for “Next Level.”

This week’s performers include BDC, Bz-Boys, SOLE, Ten, THE BOYZ, Weeekly, Golden Child, Kim Woojin, Kim Hye Yeon, Dreamcatcher, Park Ji Hoon, Sunmi, SKYLE, ASTRO, ONF, CherryB, Hyungdon & Daejune, and Hyoyeon.

Winner Announcement:

Watch this week’s performances below:


Bz-Boys – “Close Your Eyes”

CherryB – “OOTD”

Weeekly – “Holiday Party”

Kim Woojin – “Ready Now”


SOLE – “Stay with me”


Golden Child – “Ra Pam Pam”

Kim Hye Yeon – “Gangnam Barn Swallow”

Park Ji Hoon – “Gallery”

Dreamcatcher – “BEcause”

ONF – “Popping”

Ten – “Paint Me Naked”

Sunmi – “You can’t sit with us”

Hyoyeon – “Second” (Feat. BIBI)

Hyungdon & Daejune – “Bye Bye Spring”

ASTRO – “After Midnight”

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