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Watch! Cassper Reacts To Bagging #SAHHA Artist Of The Decade Award

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Watch! Cassper Reacts To Bagging #SAHHA Artist Of The Decade Award. The wait is finally over and the most decorated Hip Hop artist in South Ah has been revealed. Ladies and gentlemen Cassper Nyovest! The rapper’s social media has been swamped with congratulations comments, with many of his fans shouting his virtues after he won the Artist of the Decade Award at this year’s #SAHHA.

Watch! Cassper Reacts To Bagging #SAHHA Artist Of The Decade Award

Celebrating is what he knows best, and the Mufasa rapper shared a video on his Instagram page jubilating after winning the highly contested hip hop award. “From now on, call me ARTIST OF THE DECADE or else I’m not responding!!!!! Thank you sooo much to all the fans!!! My team!!! God !!! Im about to celebrate for the rest of the year!!!! #SAHHA2021,” he wrote.

Building up to the awards, Cassper Nyovest made it clear to all of his fans and mostly his haters that he will hilariously celebrate if he wins this well-decorated award. Nyovest is well known for being the rapper who occasionally blows his own trumpet and this time around the blazons are louder.

“If I win artist or the decade tomorrow, I’m going off. I’m buying everything. I’m getting lit. Y’all haters better have your fingers crossed that I don’t cause ya’ll know me … Mara you know what, if I don’t win then I’m still buying everything just to sh*t on the haters.” He wrote.

Talk of someone who has been having a good year, then you cannot rule out Cassper Nyovest. The rapper has won it all in 2021 and he has a tale to tell one day. The rapper has also started preparing for a real celebration after announcing that the Billiato Launch Party will take place this Thursday. “Cosy at the crib. Bout to send invites to the #BilliatoLaunchParty this Thursday. Check your mails today.” He wrote on his Instagram post.

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