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Watch: ENHYPEN Snags 2nd Win For “Tamed-Dashed” On “Show Champion”; Performances By Jo Yu Ri, ASTRO’s Moonbin And Sanha + VERIVERY’s Kangmin, And More

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ENHYPEN has won their second music show trophy for “Tamed-Dashed“!

On the October 20 episode of “Show Champion,” the candidates for first place were aespa‘s “Savage,” ENHYPEN’s “Tamed-Dashed,” Lee Chan Won’s “Cheer Up,” Jo Yu Ri’s “GLASSY,” and Paul Kim’s “After Summer.”

The trophy ultimately went to ENHYPEN! Watch their comeback performances and win below:

Today’s show also featured a special performance by the three “Show Champion” MCs—VERIVERY’s Kangmin and ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha—who covered BoA’s iconic hit “No 1.”

Other performers included Jo Yu Ri, LIGHTSUM, Black Swan, Ciipher, TRI.BE, HOT ISSUE, E’LAST, BLITZERS, PIXY, NIK, CRAXY, Lee Seung Yoon, and Park Seong Yeon.

Check out their performances below!

ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha + VERIVERY’s Kangmin – BoA’s “No. 1”

Jo Yu Ri – “Express Moon” and “GLASSY”


Black Swan – “Close to Me”

Ciipher – “Blind”



E’LAST – “Dark Dream”

BLITZERS – “Will Make a Mistake”

PIXY – “Addicted”

NIK – “Santa Monica”


Lee Seung Yoon – “Bench Press”

Park Seung Yeon – “Call”

Congratulations to ENHYPEN!

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