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Watch: GOT7’s Youngjae And Choi Ye Bin Start Their Turbulent Romance In “Love & Wish” Teaser

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GOT7’s Youngjae and Choi Ye Bin get tangled in a complicated love story in the teaser for their upcoming drama!

The web drama “Love & Wish” is a romance based on a webtoon that draws the story of love, friendship, and growth among high school students. The drama is written by Ine, distributed by Kakao Page, and produced by Cube Entertainment’s CINE de RAMA.

Youngjae will take on the role of the male lead Kim Seung Hyu and Choi Ye Bin will star as Son Da Eun. While 19-year-old Son Da Eun dreams of a fateful love, she gets tied up with the cold Kim Seung Hyu, who suffers through the pain of his past memories. Their love story will go beyond what is typical for high school students and capture true concerns and stories of growth among youth.

The teaser begins with Son Da Eun transferring to Kim Seung Hyu’s school. She comments, “I wanted a fateful love, more than anyone.” She instantly becomes fond of Kim Seung Hyu, constantly talking to him and trying to get close. As Son Da Eun starts to develop feelings, Kim Seung Hyu explains, “I didn’t want to run away. I wanted to try living like others.” Son Da Eun then confidently tells him with a bright smile, “Should I say it again? I like you.”

However, Na Yoo Il (Yoo Jae Sang) catches onto their relationship and tells Son Da Eun, “This isn’t like you.” She responds, “The one who ran away first was you.”

The screen reads, “I didn’t want to have regrets a second time,” “I wanted to receive love,” and “I wanted to love.” As tensions begin to grow among the students, someone comments, “Ask questions to the perpetrators.” Later, Son Da Eun calls out, “Stop it! Who are you guys to be bullying my friend?!”

They’re told by an adult, “Friends can fight. But they could end up dying.” While Son Da Eun cries in the hospital, Kim Seung Hyu whispers with a bloody lip, “It’s all over now.” At the end, Son Da Eun comments in a voiceover, “I wanted to say I liked you, in a world where they shout love.”

Watch the full teaser here!

“Love & Wish” will release a total of nine episodes on December 24 and 25 at 10 a.m. KST via OTT platforms and will also be available on Viki!

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