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Watch: IU Reveals Her Updated MBTI Type, Thoughts On Mint Chocolate, And More

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IU recently sat down for a fun Q&A interview with Elle Korea!

After gracing the cover of Elle’s November issue, IU also participated in a video interview where she answered fans’ questions on everything from her personality to her professed love of mint chocolate!

In the video uploaded on Elle Korea’s YouTube channel, IU began the interview by answering a question about her favorite outfit from the pictorial. Flashing the camera a sly smile while asking if she could choose two outfits, IU selected the red suit and sparkly blue dress as her top picks.

The second question was related to IU’s MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality type. IU shared her motivation for taking the test again after a fan asked if she was still INFP. She explained, “I took the test again and got INFJ, but I actually can’t remember if the last letter was P or J.” IU went on to say that she identifies more with the INFJ type since she can’t go on a trip without having at least something planned, even if the plan is “having no plans.”

Being well-known as a “mint chocolate lover,” IU grew talkative after reading the next question about whether or not she would eat a mint chocolate-flavored steamed bun. The singer admitted, “I’ve learned something new about myself recently. I think I only like mint chocolate when it’s in the form of ice cream.” She described in detail about a time when she went to a bakery and bought a mint chocolate cupcake, only to bite into it and realize it tasted like toothpaste. “I must only understand the appeal of mint chocolate when it’s cold,” she conceded.

IU also answered a question about her hairstyle preferences, saying that although she could cut her hair any day, she preferred it long and let down instead of tied up. Another question asked if there was an item she wanted to recommend to her fans, as she had previously recommended a sweet potato steamer. IU decided to recommend a retainer, which she uses while sleeping to keep her from clenching her teeth.

When asked to sing part of one of her songs that reflects her mood lately, IU chose a verse from “Unlucky,” a track from her album “Love Poem.” She shared, “I really like this part of the lyrics, and I just feel very satisfied these days.” IU also talked about learning to accept the changes in her body and personality as she approaches her 30s as she said, “Even my habits that felt like they would never change just change every day. I keep meeting new versions of myself, but I’m satisfied no matter which version it is.”

IU also revealed the time when she is able to most effectively write lyrics for her songs. “It’s definitely when I take a shower,” she answered matter-of-factly. “When I go to take a shower, I can get at least one line done. I might spend all day just messing around, but as soon as I go for a shower, that’s when it’s time for work.”

The interview wrapped up with a difficult question about whether she would want to remember UAENA [her fan club name] or be remembered by them. IU reasoned that although remembering her fans would be a more poetic answer, she would feel lonely if they couldn’t remember her. She concluded, “If I’m put in a terrible situation and forget UAENA, although that sort of situation would never happen, I hope that UAENA would remember me forever. If I’m being honest.”

Watch the full video with English subtitles below!

Also check out IU in her drama “Hotel Del Luna” below:

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