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Watch: “Jirisan” Shows Off Elaborate Set And Cast’s Close Chemistry During Filming

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tvN’s “Jirisan” has shared an exciting new behind-the-scenes video!

Written by Kim Eun Hee, tvN’s “Jirisan” is a mystery drama starring Jun Ji Hyun as Seo Yi Kang, a top ranger at Mount Jiri National Park, and Joo Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun Jo, her rookie partner who is hiding an unspeakable secret. The drama follows the rangers at the national park as they uncover the truth behind a mysterious accident that occurred on the mountain.

The new clip starts out by introducing the drama’s incredible set and revealing that the drama’s production period was one year and seven months, with a total of around 250 staff members.

In the first scene, Sung Dong Il’s improvisations make the entire cast have to stifle their laughter, with Jun Ji Hyun even having to cover her face so she doesn’t ruin the take. Later, Jun Ji Hyun is filming a scene where she’s going through files on the computer. Sung Dong Il approaches her and asks, “What are you doing?” When she stares back at him blankly, he adds, “Are you gaming?” causing even the director to start laughing.

They try the scene again, and this time, Jun Ji Hyun jokingly responds with a smile, “Can’t you see?” Sung Dong Il remarks with a laugh, “I wish the drama were this bright and cheerful.”

Next, both Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon film high-intensity scenes that show off the elaborate sets used for “Jirisan.” In another scene, Joo Ji Hoon is coming down from the mountain on a rope when he jumps and lands awkwardly in a spot far away from the area he was aiming for. However, he optimistically adds with a bright smile, “[Kang Hyun Jo] shouldn’t be too good [on his first day] anyway.”

Near the end, actor Ryu Seung Ryong arrives to film his cameo appearance and introduces his character as the director of the Mount Jiri Exhibition. He comments, “I read the script, and I think it’ll be very fun. Although it’s a small role, it’s such an honor to participate in this project with writer Kim Eun Hee, PD Lee Eung Bok, and actors Joo Ji Hoon, Jun Ji Hyun, Oh Jung Se, and Sung Dong Il, all of whom I respect.”

Watch the full clip below!

“Jirisan” airs on tvN every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST and will soon be available on Viki.

In the meantime, watch Jun Ji Hyun in “The Legend of the Blue Sea” below!

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