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Watch: Joo Sang Wook And Kim Young Chul Take Risks To Write A New History In “Taejong Yi Bang Won” Teaser

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KBS’s new traditional epic sageuk “Taejong Yi Bang Won” released an exciting teaser!

Sageuk generally refers to historical dramas that take place before the end of the Joseon Dynasty, but a traditional epic sageuk typically involves a large budget and cast, a long-running storyline, and depictions of real historical events and figures.

KBS’s new sageuk, “Taejong Yi Bang Won”, will depict the events that led to the fall of the Goryeo Dynasty and the establishment of the Joseon Dynasty. King Taejong, whose birth name was Yi Bang Won, helped his father overthrow the Goryeo Dynasty and establish the Joseon Dynasty.

The newly released teaser begins with general Yi Seong Gye (Kim Young Chul), who later becomes King Taejo, showing off his charismatic charms as he throws bold commands left and right. Yi Bang Won, who later becomes King Taejong, declares, “If you plan a rebellion, father, I will be happy to join it. I’m willing to be a traitor.”

Yi Bang Won, his father, and the rest of his family go through various trials and tribulations as they try to create a new history. One voice vehemently hisses, “Capture Yi Seong Gye’s entire family.” The caption reads, “They must survive,” hinting the Yi family will experience unimaginable dangers.

At the end of the teaser, Yi Bang Won’s faithful wife (Park Jin Hee) shows her resilience, saying, “We will all be safe. Everyone will meet again in good health. I believe it will happen.”

“Taejong Yi Bang Won” will air on December 11 at 9:40 p.m. KST. Watch the full teaser below!

While you’re waiting, check out Joo Sang Wook in “Touch“:

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