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Watch: Kim Go Eun And Ahn Bo Hyun Come Up With Ideas For Kiss Scene From Trip To The Beach In “Yumi’s Cells”

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tvN’s “Yumi’s Cells” revealed not one, but two behind-the-scenes videos for episodes 5 and 6!


The first video starts with Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun sitting at a fancy restaurant to film the scene where Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) gives Yumi (Kim Go Eun) a touching gift. Kim Go Eun tells the director that she wants to eat, and they order a steak for her to eat during the scene.

Later, they are filming the scene between Yumi and Sae Yi (Park Ji Hyun), and Kim Go Eun is told to smile without her eyes. The staff members can’t stop laughing as Kim Go Eun opens her eyes wide with only her lips turned up in a smile. When she finally gets to monitor the scene, Kim Go Eun bursts into laughter and hides the screen, saying she won’t let anyone see it.

In another scene, Goo Woong and Yumi are celebrating Yumi’s birthday at her house when Goo Woong urgently needs to use the bathroom. After his passionate acting, Ahn Bo Hyun comments, “I have nothing to say. I’ve given up. I can do this much for the drama. Everyone’s raising their thumbs up at me, but I’m not sure what that means. Anyway I’ll do my best to take a dump until the end.”

The video also shares footage of the original “Yumi’s Cells” webtoon writer Lee Dong Geon visiting the drama’s set and greeting the actors. Writer Lee Dong Geon, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Kim Go Eun look somewhat stiff as they awkwardly meet for the first time. Ahn Bo Hyun tries to lighten the mood by asking the writer to make an emoticon of Goo Woong as well, since there are only emoticons of Yumi and a different character named Babi. Ahn Bo Hyun then pretends to walk off to avoid the awkward situation.

The next video starts with Kim Go Eun rubbing Ahn Bo Hyun’s belly, and Ahn Bo Hyun can’t stop smiling when she does. He tells the director that he can’t concentrate when she touches his belly, but he does his best to focus nonetheless. When Kim Go Eun slowly begins rubbing upwards, Ahn Bo Hyun catches her in action.

A few scenes are filmed at Yumi’s office, where the actors playing her co-workers give Kim Go Eun a hard time by making her laugh.

Next is the part of Yumi and Goo Woong’s trip to the beach, where they find out that they booked a room with a transparent bathroom. Ahead of his topless scene, Ahn Bo Hyun shares that his body isn’t in top shape because he lost some weight after he got sick recently, so he does a brief workout to make his muscles more defined. He explains, “If I don’t do it properly, screenshots might circulate online.” Kim Go Eun asks, “Was there a time you end up looking scrawny on camera because you didn’t have the muscle pump effect?” and Ahn Bo Hyun says, “Yes.”

Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun then figure out the details of their kiss scene that starts at the doorway. All of the staff members get involved in coming up with ideas to improve the scene, and Kim Go Eun wonders, “Do we have to go with the ‘Coffee Prince‘?” referring to the female lead jumping onto the male lead. Ahn Bo Hyun responds, “I’ll have to follow my senior’s opinion,” when Kim Go Eun only debuted two years earlier than he did. When a staff member jokes, “Share some stories of your experiences with us,” Kim Go Eun replies, “Which one should I start with?”

Finally, all of the details are agreed on, and the cameras start rolling.

Watch “Yumi’s Cells” with subtitles below!

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