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Watch: Lee Jun Young Is An Idol Fighting His Inner Demons In Teaser For “Let Me Be Your Knight”

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SBS has shared a new sneak peek of its upcoming drama “Let Me Be Your Knight”!

“Let Me Be Your Knight” is a star-studded new romance drama about a popular idol band named LUNA and a woman pretending to be a doctor who unexpectedly winds up living at their dorm to treat a sleepwalking member.

U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young will star as LUNA’s leader, vocalist and producer Yoon Tae In; NU’EST’s JR will play bassist Lee Shin; AB6IX’s Kim Dong Hyun will play keyboardist Woo Ga On; former Wanna One member Yoon Ji Sung will play drummer Kim Yoo Chan; and Jang Dong Joo will play sub-vocal Seo Woo Yeon. Meanwhile, Jung In Sun will star as travel guide-turned-fraudulent physician In Yoon Joo, who ends up moving in with them under false pretenses.

In the newly released teaser for the drama, In Yoon Joo asks Yoon Tae In, “So how did you wind up starting to make music?” He replies, “Because people liked it [when I made music]. Because they said I was good.” She then remarks sadly, “I also wanted someone to tell me I did a good job and like me.”

Due to Yoon Tae In’s insomnia, his music begins to suffer, and he struggles to write new songs. As his bandmates become visibly frustrated, someone says in voice-over, “If he were like before, he would have already brought us three or four new songs. But there’s no news from him.” However, Yoon Tae In continues to insist, “Nothing’s wrong.”

The caption reveals that Yoon Tae In has spent “countless nights turning away [from the problem] by trying to pretend that he’s okay,” but everything changes once In Yoon Joo enters the picture. When he yells at her, “Why are you doing this? Why are you going this far for me?” she replies determinedly, “Because I know you’re in pain!”

Later, she shares, “It felt like the entire world was collapsing [back then],” and he asks, “So what did you do next?” She then tells Yoon Tae In, “Thanks to your music, I felt very warm. It comforted me a lot.”

“Let Me Be Your Knight” premieres on November 7 at 11:05 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, check out the new teaser below!

While you wait for “Let Me Be Your Knight,” watch Lee Jun Young in his recent idol drama “Imitation” with subtitles here:

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