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Watch: “My Teen Girl” Closes Out Round 1 With Covers Of Jeon Somi, SEVENTEEN, Jessi, And More + Adds A Twist For Round 2

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MBC’s “My Teen Girl” has finally closed out Round 1 and begun an intense battle for Round 2!

“My Teen Girl” is an audition show that evaluated 160 contestants over the course of three months before filming its premiere. Out of the 160 contestants, 83 were chosen to participate in the competition to place within the final top 7 and debut in a new girl group. Yoon Kyun Sang is the MC, and the students are divided into Grades 1-4 by age, with each class having its own homeroom teacher: either Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, Aiki, (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon, or Ock Joo Hyun.

On the December 12 episode, the show closed out its first round of “entrance exams.” The entrance exam mission only allows 10 students of each grade to pass, leaving a total of 40 contestants. To pass the first round of the mission and be judged by the mentors, the contestants had to receive votes from more than 75 percent of the audience. If they got a pass from 75 percent of the audience during their performance, the barrier between them and the mentors would lift, and they would receive a second round of judging from the mentors.


The first duo up for round one was Lee Mi Hee and Hong Hye Joo, known as the aces of the Grade 4 class. They performed “Friends” by Anne-Marie and as expected, easily won enough audience votes to receive judging from the mentors. However, the judges took everyone by surprise as the girls only passed with three votes each, as opposed to four.

Next up were Grade 3 students Lee Pu Reun, Shin Ye Seul, Koo Hyun Kyoung, Kim Min Seo, and Choi Yoon Ju singing “Bang!” by After School. Shin Ye Seul, Koo Hyun Kyoung, and Choi Yoon Ju made it to the next round, but Lee Pu Reun and Kim Min Seo were eliminated after receiving only one vote each.

Grade 4 students Go Tae Hee, Lee Yu Min, Kim In Hye, and Kim Da Som then performed Kim Sung Jae’s “As I Told You,” earning high praise from the mentors. With each student receiving at least three votes, the group became the first team with four or more members to all receive a pass to the next round.

The following performance was Chungha‘s “Gotta Go” by Lee Su Bin, Bang Sun Hee, and Jo Yoo Jung of the Grade 4 class. The group received criticism from the mentors for their unstable abilities, and all three students were eliminated.

Grade 2 student Lee Soo Min sang Lee Hi’s “No One,” earning her ticket to the next round.

Kim Na Hyun of the Grade 3 class also passed after a performance of “Deepened” by Brave Girls.

Performing Nikki Yanofsky’s “Something New” were Kang Min Ji, Kim Su Yeon, and Lee Ha Young of the 4th grade class. Kang Min Ji and Lee Ha Young earned passes from the judges, but Kim Su Yeon was eliminated.

Grade 1 students Go Eun Chae and Kim Seon Yoo sang Seo Taiji and Boys’ “Anyhow Song” (“Hayeoga”), both receiving enough votes from the judges to move on to the next round.

Grade 2 student Choi Sa Rang impressed with her performance of Jessi‘s “What Type of X” and passed onto the next round.

Also from Grade 2 were Park Yoo Ra, Park Jin Hyun, Lee Seo Yoon, and Cho Su Yi. After their performance of SEVENTEEN‘s “Very Nice,” Lee Seo Yoon and Park Jin Hyun were eliminated.

Grade 2 students Kim Su Jin, Kwon Joo Ahn, Oh Jin Kyung, Lee Ji Won, and Jo Eun were all eliminated after performing “Birthday” by Jeon Somi.

Jung Yu Ju from the Grade 1 class sang CLC‘s “HELICOPTER” and received enough judges’ votes to pass.

Next was Park Ha Neum, another Grade 1 student, who performed Jeon Somi’s “What You Waiting For” and passed to Round 2.

The final performance for the entrance exam round featured Grade 3 student Lee Jae Yi performing MC Lyte’s “Ruffneck.” Despite her impressive performance, she was unable to earn 75 percent of the audience’s votes, meaning she was eliminated without receiving critique from the judges.

Following the conclusion of the entrance exam, Grade 1 had 15 students, Grade 2 had 11, Grade 3 had 16, and Grade 4 had 13. The mentors then began discussing which class they wanted to be the homeroom teacher for. After a heated debate, Aiki became the homeroom teacher for Grade 1, Yuri for Grade 2, Ock Joo Hyun for Grade 3, and Soyeon for Grade 4.

While 33 students had been eliminated during the entrance exam round, leaving a total of 55 contestants, Round 2 required that the show have a total of only 40 students (10 per class). After a long discussion, it was ultimately decided that instead of having 10 students per class, they would all have 16 each in order to match the Grade 3 class, which had the most students. This allowed the other classes to bring back students who had been eliminated.

As a result, Kim Jung Yoon joined the Grade 1 class; Grade 2 welcomed back Lee Seung Eun, Takei Karina, Fukumoto Hina, Lee Seo Yoon, and Lee Ji Won; and Grade 4 brought back Jo Yoo Jung, Song Ye Rim, and Kim Yoo Yeon, for a total of 64 students.

The remaining students moved into their dorms and began preparing for their first semester “midterm.” For this midterm, the four classes would go up against each other, meaning each class would need all 16 students performing at once.

During rehearsals for the Grade 3 class, Park Hyo Rim, who was eliminated in Round 1, surprised everyone by joining the group. It was revealed that Jo Ye Ju had to leave the show due to an injury, and Park Hyo Rim was to fill her spot. Grade 3’s homeroom teacher Ock Joo Hyun commented, “Since recovery is the top priority, we consulted her parents and [Jo Ye Ju] decided to step down.”

Out of all the classes, the Grade 4 class was picked by the others as the weakest group. After Yuri won a game of rock, paper, scissors, her Grade 2 class was given the chance to pick their opponent for round two. They chose Grade 1, leaving Grade 3 and Grade 4 to go up against each other.

Before their midterm performance, it was shockingly revealed that only 10 students from each grade would be able to perform, forcing each class to eliminate six students. From the Grade 2 class, Lee Soo Min, Lee Ha Dam, Park Yu Ra, Lee Seo Yoon, Fukumoto Hina, and Lee Seung Eun were eliminated, meaning that they would be unable to perform in the second round.

“My Teen Girl” airs every Sunday at 8:20 p.m. KST and is available on Viki.

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