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Watch Nicole Atkins Perform “Promised Land” Ahead of New Album/Performance Film ‘Memphis Ice’

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Nicole Atkins will reimagine her 2020 release Italian Ice with a new companion piece, Memphis Ice, out Dec. 10.

Memphis Ice will encapsulate both an in-the-moment live recording (taped in 24 hours at Memphis Magnetic Studio) as well as a “full-length performance film.”

A clip for single “Promised Land” also gives fans a glimpse of the film.

As Atkin explains, “‘Promised Land’ is a song about losing your sense of self and finally having the courage to go find it again. Even if it meant losing people and places you loved. I wrote this song a long time ago. I was living in someone else’s dream and becoming a shadow. I’ve recorded this song a few times and it always felt too encumbered with a full production. When we went in to record Memphis Ice, I realized it was the perfect place and time to record ‘Promised Land.’ Raw and performative. Nothing to hide behind.”

Get info on Atkins’ upcoming tour dates here.

Watch the artist perform “Promised Land” below:

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