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Watch! NOTA Makes A Damning Revelation About Cassper’s Luxurious Cars SA Hip Hop Mag

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Watch! NOTA Makes A Damning Revelation About Cassper’s Luxurious Cars. Baloyi has been involved in legal conflicts with various celebrities, including rapper AKA and producer DJ Shimza, over Twitter remarks. The music executive has carried a controversial reputation in the Mzansi entertainment industry. He is always caught up in many outburst, firing tantrums to many celebrities.

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Watch! NOTA Makes A Damning Revelation About Cassper’s Luxurious Cars

During an interview on Everything SA Music Podcast, NOTA made a very controversial comment about Cassper Nyovest’s luxurious cars. He indicated that Cassper does not own those cars rather he rents them for a number of days just to show off to the world. This came after there was an argument during the interview on who made more money between Cassper and AKA in 2020.

At the end of the day Cassper is a type of a guy who rents a Rolls Royce for a month just to show off with it you know what I mean.” “At the end of the day what was he making its not like Play Energy Drink made its own version of the whole entire thing, and also that Samsung deal wasn’t as lucrative as he is making it out to be it just more long term,” he said.

Cassper and NOTA have been on loggerheads for a long time. The rapper came out on social media mentioning that NOTA is one person who creates his own lies and believe them.

I’ve beeeeeeeeeen telling you guys. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen. He create a whole story from beginning to end, put you in the story, quote you and then blame you. I’m like “I’ve seen lairs but this is a whole new level of delusional.” He is not okay.“ Tweeted the Tito Mboweni hit maker.

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