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Watch: Park So Dam Is Intent On Finishing The Job Despite Song Sae Byuk’s Pursuit In New Film “Special Delivery”

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Park So Dam’s upcoming film “Special Delivery” released an exhilarating new teaser!

“Special Delivery” is a new crime action film starring Park So Dam as Eun Ha, a talented driver who has a 100 percent success rate when it comes to making special deliveries. The tough and daring Eun Ha will deliver anything speedily and securely for a price—but she winds up getting into hot water when she finds herself unexpectedly taking on human cargo in the form of the young boy Seo Won (Jung Hyun Joon).

The newly released teaser begins with a voiceover stating, “Where’s the destination? You can think of it as she’ll deliver anything that the postal service won’t. She’s not picky about the package or the method. It’s a type of special delivery.”

Eun Ha grabs a car key off the wall and gets into a rusty and beaten up car. As soon as she steps on the gas pedal, Eun Ha begins to speed through the city, intent on finishing the delivery regardless of the people chasing after her. Kyung Pil (Song Sae Byuk), a corrupt police officer who moonlights as a gangster, asks, “She hasn’t been caught even once so far?”

A thrilling chase ensues as the text, “100 percent success rate, special delivery driver Park So Dam. This January 2022, the most thrilling special delivery will begin,” appears on screen.

“Special Delivery” premieres on January 12. Watch the full teaser below!

In the meantime, watch Park So Dam in “Cinderella and Four Knights“:

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