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Watch: Performances From The 2021 KBS Song Festival

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The 2021 KBS Song Festival kicked off on December 17!

The 2021 KBS Song Festival is hosted by ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, AOA’s Seolhyun, and SF9’s Rowoon, and performers include Red Velvet, Stray Kids, TXT, Oh My Girl, ITZY, THE BOYZ, aespa, ENHYPEN, Kang Daniel, Lee Mujin, SEVENTEEN, Sunmi, NU’EST, ASTRO, Brave Girls, NCT U, SF9, Kim Woo Seok, STAYC, and IVE.

The show also included several special performances and collaborations between different idol groups and artists!

Check out the performances below!

All K-Pop Artists + MC Intro – “With You” (orig. The Blue)


Lee Mujin – “Traffic Light”

ENHYPEN – Intro + “Tamed-Dashed”


TXT and ENHYPEN – “Legends of K-Pop”

Kim Woo Seok – “Sugar”

Brave Girls – Intro + “Rollin’” + “Chi Mat Ba Ram”

UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok, ASTRO’s Sanha, THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae, Stray Kids’ Seungmin – “Paradise” (“Boys Over Flowers” OST)

Brave Girls’ Minyoung and SF9’s Inseong – “Don’t Forget Me” (“Iris” OST)

SF9’s Rowoon – “No Goodbye in Love” (“The King’s Affection” OST)


TXT – “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)”

SF9 – Intro + “Trauma”

THE BOYZ – “Candles”

THE BOYZ – “THRILL RIDE” (Christmas ver.)

Oh My Girl – “Secret Garden”

Oh My Girl – “Dun Dun Dance”

Stray Kids – Intro + “THUNDEROUS”


ASTRO – “After Midnight”

Kang Daniel – “Antidote”

NCT U – “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)”

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and DK – “Together”

Red Velvet’s Wendy, Oh My Girl’s Jiho, Brave Girls’ Yuna, ITZY’s Chaeryeong and Yuna, STAYC’s Sieun and Yoon, and IVE’s Jang Won Young and An Yu Jin – “Way to Go” (orig. Girls’ Generation)

aespa – Intro + “Next Level”

aespa – “Savage”



ITZY – “In the morning”


Sunmi – “TAIL”

Sunmi – “You Can’t Sit With Us”


SEVENTEEN – “Ready to Love”

Red Velvet – Intro + “Psycho”

Red Velvet – “Queendom”

All K-Pop Artists – “All for You”

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