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Watch! Slik Talk Slams The Braai Show With Cass SA Hip Hop Mag

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Watch! Slik Talk Slams The Braai Show With Cass. Just think of an individual who can stir controversy and lit up the TL on social media, and your list is incomplete if Slik Talk is not there. After mentioning that Cassper is a terrible artist during the Podcast and Chill with MacG, Slik talk decided to go deeper on how the Doc Shebeleza hit maker is also a terrible television presenter.

Cassper Nyovest‘s started really well on the SABC1 The Braai Show With Cass. Criticism started pouring in after the number of views on his show were compared to his arch-rival AKA who was the host before. It was clear that Cassper’s show was lagging behind to his hip hop rival AKA and that alone stirred the debate on social media if Cassper Nyovest is really a good presenter.

His TV presenters’ skills were brought into question and people like Slik Talk did not hesitate to go on and share their thoughts in that regards. On a video he posted on his YouTube channel, Slik Talk mentioned that The Braai Show With Cass was the most terrible show he has ever come across in his entire life.

Watch! Slik Talk Slams The Braai Show With Cass

So I just decided to bootleg Cassper Nyovest’s show The Braai Show I didn’t wanna watch it on TV cause I felt like I was gonna be the only person tuning in cause apparently nobody watches the show so I said nah, let me decide to bootleg it on YouTube and see what this fuss is about and I’m honestly telling you it is absolutely the worst show I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“If its not the worst its definitely top three, the worst show ever, Cassper Nyovest is a terrible presenter he did a terrible job on that show.”

“I decided to watch the Mihlali episode and I said, maybe that’s the money shot, maybe that’s the one that’s was gonna get the most views and honestly it was just a bad show.” “I just saw two people kissing each other’s a**s the whole time and I’m like where is the real show?” “What is so interesting about the show?” “Nothing is interesting about this show.”

Slik Talk went on to urge people who haven’t watched the show not to waste their time watching it. “If you haven’t watch the show, please don’t I’m saving you the trouble, I’m saving you thirty minutes of time please don’t.” I watched this thing for fifteen minutes and I had to cut it off that’s how bad it was, I just had to cut it off.” He said.

The controversial YouTuber further mentioned that Cassper is very consistency in delivering bad products mostly with his music. But he further elaborated that the hip hop artist has good skill of marketing and promoting people and their products which he applauded.

“The problem about Cassper is he has history of delivering bad products and he never improves, he has a history of delivering bad products.” “I stopped reviewing Cassper music because i know he delivers bad products, he delivers bad music.”

“When it comes to his music I never review because I know what I’m gonna get.” “He dropped an album this year but nobody cared, the only song that people cared about was Siyathandana and he did ten percent of that song anyway, that’s why I don’t tune in to Cassper Nyovest when it comes to like products.”

“He is like A1 when it comes to marketing and promoting, he will promote a sh** out whatever he’s doing, he will promote like its nobody’s business.” “But when it comes to the actual it is always trash, he dropped trash music, the merchant is garbage, The Braai Show is garbage, and another thing he dropped the Billiato whisky, apparently people say it taste like pi**s, I don’t know, I don’t know but that’s what the streets are saying.” The streets are saying Billiato is taste like pi**s.”

Slik Talk advice that Cassper should learn to take criticism and from his fans in the hip hop space in Mzansi. “And the thing about Cassper is he doesn’t know how to take criticism he will never ever take criticism, you could be the biggest Cassper Nyovest fan and be like Cassper I love all your music I just don’t like that one song you did, I just don’t like it but I love everything, he will not fv**k with you after that, just by not liking one song he will not fv**k that’s how emotional he is.”

Not only that Slik swiped onto Cass’s music and his TV presenting skills but he also took a dig about his past. He mentioned that Nyovest shouldn’t have dropped out in school maybe he would have done thing way better than the way he is doing now.

The thing Cassper is, had you stayed in school maybe you would’ve upped your emotional intelligence, see the thing about school is its not about academic side, its also about maturing as a person, maturing as a human being.” “But you didn’t do that cause you dropped in grade ten so you didn’t go through the proper steps.” He said.

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