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Watch! T-Pain Reacts To Having His Customized Rolls Royce Repossessed SA Hip Hop Mag

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Watch! T-Pain Reacts To Having His Customized Rolls Royce Repossessed. T-Pain has been upfront about his financial struggles in the past, and it appears he now has another hurdle to overcome after his Rolls-Royce Ghost was reportedly seized. As it stands T-Pain looks to be experiencing money troubles yet again.

T-Pain advised his followers that they need to look after their finances to avoid the same thing that has happened to him. The US rapper made it known that this is not the first time that he has gone through such unfortunate incident and he emphasized on overcoming the current situation that he got himself into.

If you have somebody watching your money, make sure you have somebody watching THEM too. The good news is I’ve been here before and I know how to bounce back so f** it.” “Y’all be careful out here man and watch your business like you watch your bit*** See y’all on the brighter side.” He said.

The rapper shared a video on his social media platforms of his Rolls-Royce getting repossessed. This came after previously claiming that he has misused $40 million and confessing that he needed to borrow money to buy Burger meals a few years ago.

“I had to borrow money to get my kids Burger King,” he said during one of the interviews, all after the rapper has misused all his finances to bad investments and mismanagement.

“I was letting my manager invest in real estate and he was way more optimistic than I was,” he said. “He would just buy complete dumps and think that we can just paint and then we should be fine. Never sold anything that we bought.”

During an interview on the Steve O show, he also mentioned that his team kept him away from knowing about his financial crisis. “They all knew that if I ever found out I was broke, the party was over for everybody. So, they were all like, ‘Don’t let him know that he doesn’t have any money because if he finds out we’re all gone,’ the US rapper explained.

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