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Watch: TXT Makes Return With Funky And Fantastical “Blue Hour” MV

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TXT’s third mini album “minisode1: Blue Hour” and the music video for title track “Blue Hour” are now out!

An energetic dance track of the disco genre, “Blue Hour” is co-composed and co-written by Slow Rabbit, Kyler Niko, LIL 27 CLUB, and “hitman” bang (Bang Si Hyuk). The catchy synths and rhythmical guitar and bass sounds combine with the bright melody to create an enjoyable track.

The lyrics express the boys’ complex emotions of awe and fear as they look up at the sky at 5:53 p.m, which is the time at which the sun sets in October, the month the song is being released. It is the time at which the sky is most beautiful, but it is also the time when shadows quickly grow dark.

Watch the music video below!

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