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Watch: Yoo Seung Ho, Hyeri, Byun Woo Seok, And Kang Mina Get Creative For “Moonshine” Poster Shoot

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KBS2’s “Moonshine” released a new behind-the-scenes look from the drama’s poster shoot!

Starting with the individual posters, the photographer asks Yoo Seung Ho to test out a different pose, but he automatically adjusts his expression as well. When they comment how his expression changed perfectly, Yoo Seung Ho gets embarrassed and asks them to make the poster pretty. Although Yoo Seung Ho is shy about posing, his gaze quickly turns serious as he gets into character.

Hyeri poses confidently like a model for her poster, skillfully portraying different expressions based on the scene. On the other hand, Byun Woo Seok is nervous during his test shot. The photographer praises, “You look handsome,” but he responds, “My face is so swollen though.” During the actual shoot, Byun Woo Seok isn’t afraid to make his poses silly and comical. Finally, Kang Mina smiles brightly after hearing compliments from the photographers. She comments, “Was it okay? Thank you for taking such pretty photos of me. Please check it out through the drama.”

For the unique four-membered poster, Hyeri and Kang Mina quickly get into their poses. Byun Woo Seok also has to hold onto Yoo Seung Ho, so he playfully grabs the top of his hat at first. Yoo Seung Ho gives him explicit permission, and Byun Woo Seok’s poses become more playful as he pretends to bite Yoo Seung Ho’s hat.

While shooting a comedic poster of Hyeri and Yoo Seung Ho together, Hyeri sits on the ground as Yoo Seung Ho tries to drag her back. Hyeri thoughtfully asks, “It’s difficult for you, right? I’m not doing anything,” and Yoo Seung Ho replies, “I’m sweating.” During the shoot, Yoo Seung Ho suddenly stops posing to carefully adjust Hyeri’s hair for her. When they shift their positions, Yoo Seung Ho takes care of Hyeri by making sure her clothing and hair are still in place. Behind the scenes, Byun Woo Seok laughs as he takes photos with his phone.

For the other posters, Hyeri and Yoo Seung Ho get creative with their poses, bringing laughter to the set. The two end their shoot successfully with energetic high fives.

“Moonshine” will premiere on December 20 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Watch the full making-of video below!

In the meantime, watch Hyeri in “My Roommate is a Gumiho” below!

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