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Welcome the New ERA – Elikplim Raphael Ansah!

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New ERA!!! The ERA stands for Elikplim Raphael Ansah, a new breed of enchanting music act from the Volta region. Elikplim is a genius Ghanaian songwriter, singer, and performer who is one of the next big acts Ghanaians and music lovers, in general, should look out for.

Each passing day, incredible music talents emerge and the good thing is each act has a unique way of appealing to the masses with their various music products which considerably ignites a high demand for the masses to consume. Without a doubt, ERA is one to pay keen attention to. 


Born Raphael Elikplim Kweku Ansah other than that he’s known in showbiz as Elikplim. He was born in the 90s at Ho (Akoefe Gadza) in the Volta region.

He is a founding member of Brain Boiz Crew (BBC), a clique the roll like a wheel, and is also a lead singer of Walako Live Band, in Ho Volta region. As a musician, he is an introvert but very jovial when familiar with you but he finds it very difficult to make new friends when he finds himself in a new environment.

Early Life / Education:During his infant days, he was enrolled in Akoefe Gadza kindergarten, then E.P primary, and later continued his basic school education at Akoefe Gadza L/A J.H.S, Ho where he completed in the year 2015 and got admission into the senior high school.

After completion, he proceeded with his secondary school education at Hohoe, precisely Hohoe E.P Senior High (HEPSS), where he studied social sciences where he took interest in developing a high level of critical thinking ability. 

Due to his zeal to excel through his secondary education backed up with hard work, intelligence, perseverance, and determination, he was awarded the mantle of leadership as the entertainment prefect for the 2017/2018 academic batch.

Luckily for him, he took advantage of the moment to discovered his love for music during his tenure office as a prefect. Elikplim realized his passion for music was deeper and more sensitive than he thought so he developed so much love for playing various instruments, Djing, singing, and performing.

With all these experiences, he thought it wise to do music full-time right after school. Currently, he is studying business administration of Human resources management and development, which will logically build and direct his mindset on things that his management, the industry, institutions, organizations, and the country as a whole may project to the world at large.

Music Life:

Even though he didn’t know how to breathe life into his music career, he was very optimistic and enthused about his crown of gift. Elikplim’s passion for music started back in school.

Along the line, he decided to pursue music as a full-time career so he started writing and recording his songs at Master mix studio in Hohoe where he released singles like Fake Friends, Time To Love, Nobody Like You, Yawa, etc.

These songs officially launched his career on a new level that got him much attention from colleagues in school and outsiders. He managed to capture the attention of most of his peers on campus which made him more popular than just been an entertainment prefect.

Thankfully for him, based on his respect, humble, creativity, talent, and hard-working spirit, he is officially signed to Nexx Vibes Entertainment.

He is highly focused to work hard hand in hand with his record label to achieve greater goals and hit their target as a team. He is in the music lab cooking a new project, be on the lookout for it.

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