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What Happened To Fred Durst? His New Look At Lollapalooza Was… Interesting

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Lollapalooza roared back to life in Chicago over the weekend and brought plenty of surprises and thrills along the way. The biggest surprise, though, may have been the makeover of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

For most of his surprisingly long career (be honest, whoever thought Limp Bizkit would last for more than one album), the enigmatic Durst has sported a backwards cap and very distinctive goatee.

Durst actually revealed the new look on Instagram a week before the reunion show, but he went viral on Twitter for his performance over the weekend, with one user writing, “Fred Durst looks like the owner of the haunted record store Scooby and the gang investigate and find out it was him all along.”

The new-look didn’t turn fans away. In actuality, it may have helped spark a comeback of interest for the band, who despite getting older, are still churning out new tracks. In 2012, Stampede of the Disco Elephants was announced. Could the long-awaited, and now highly anticipated album finally be coming out?

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