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“Where Does Slik Talk Live?,” Here’s Why Reason Wants To See The Controversial Youtuber

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“Where Does Slik Talk Live?,” Here’s Why Reason Wants To See The Controversial Youtuber. Controversial YouTuber Silk Talk has come under fire for his comments pertaining to the deaths of Amapiano artists Killer Kau and Mpura who were killed in a tragic accident. In his latest video, the YouTuber makes some harsh comments about the deceased individual’s accident. The YouTuber’s comments did not sit well with many people including rapper Reason.

The YouTuber, in a clip, asks several heated questions about how the accident actually happened and also makes some strong allegations. Reason caught wind of Slik Talk’s comments and tweeted that “this shit is not funny anymore” and asked his followers where does Slik Talk live as he wants to talk.

The rapper explained that he doesn’t care about the stuff Slik talk has said about him or anyone else “but Mpura and Killer Kau? No ways.” Reason expressed that he just wants to talk to the YouTuber and he is not inciting any violence. “This isn’t the time to be funny. Iconic niggaz passed away, and this little voice Ass nigga in a bedroom with shifty cupboards had the nerve to disrespect them in front of all of us? “ tweeted a livid Reason.

A tweep said to Reason that he should have not asked for Slik Talk’s location on social media because if anything happens to the content creator “fingers will point at” him. The rapper was not bothered by what the tweep said, as he is “certain theres people out there who want to hurt” Slik Talk after he “disrespected dead people in front of the whole world”.

In the video, Slik after fake crying, goes on to say, that what he really wants to know is “Why were they driving drunk and why were they driving after curfew? Because in life, if you do what you are supposed to do you get what you are supposed to get. These guys are adults and they knew they were wrong, they knew they were breaking the law but they still did it anyway.”

Silk goes on to ask what was Lady Du and Kabza’s role in the accident. “I would like to see Kabza de Small and Lady Du in cuffs and in jail,” says Slik Talk. He goes on to explain that people are being arrested left right and centre for being on the roads after curfew. “Are they special, are we going to give them special treatment because they are celebrities or are we gonna get them under the jail, like everybody else?” asks Slik Talk.

The YouTuber also asked in the clip if “Pablo Escobar” was involved in the crash. “Did Pablo Escobar have a role in this situation or did he not,” asks Slik Talk. In the clip, he is seen touching his nose as he says Pablo Escobar indicating he is talking about cocaine, he also alleges that at these “piano parties shit get crazy” in his controversial video.

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