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Xpression Is Still On “The Write Path”

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In this collection of poetry and lyrics, @xpressionthemc takes readers on a lyrical journey of his trials and triumphs on his quest to fulfill his dream to be a Hip-Hop artist and loving father and husband.

Xpression, also known as Xpression The MC (Juan Carlos Fajardo Jr.), is a Latino Hip-Hop artist, mental health activist, songwriter, author, and founder of independent music label Kryptic Reign Music.

He hails from Indio, California, home of the iconic music festival “Coachella.”

Xpression wrote his first rap ever at the age of 10 and recorded his first studio record at 16-years-old titled “The Ascension” featuring M.C. Infinite.

His first official album, titled Mr Zozo, was produced by Bebo Beats and was released back in January 2016 under the 2toxicmusic label. 

Shortly after being dropped from the indie label 2toxicmusic due to political views and religious beliefs, Xpression decided he would build his label “Kryptic,” aka “Kryptic Reign Music.” He created the label with friends with some of his childhood best friends who were also involved in music.

Together Xpression and producer “Bebo Beats” from Kryptic Reign Music teamed up again to work on Xpression’s second album titled The Write Path, released September 19th, 2019, on Xpression’s 27th Birthday.

The day would be a date always to remember, for the M.C. had reached a significant milestone in his music career.

The Write Path album by Xpression featured some of the most lyrical and influential Hip-Hop artists of all time. 

The album featured Bizzy Bone, from Bone Thugs N Harmony, Cyhi The Prynce from Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label, Kxng Crooked from Slaughterhouse, Bizarre from Eminem’s old rap group “D12”, Mellow Man Ace, King Los, Locksmith, “Chino Xl,” The Grouch from Living Legends, Baba Zumbi from Zion-I, and others. 

Xpression’s childhood influences, whom he had looked up to since he was a kid, would now be on his very own project.

The Write Path is currently out on all music platforms such as Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and more. Listen now!

Since The Write Path has dropped, Xpression released his first book titled “The Write Path to Creative Self Xpression,” which was released on June 19th, 2020, the same day as his third album titled The Heart Beat was released.

Xpression wrote the book alongside Angelica Guajardo, an Expressive Arts Psychotherapist.

“The Write Path to Creative Self-Xpression” is for anyone wishing to unleash his/her creative voice.

This operating manual is a collaboration of two passions: Hip-Hop and the Expressive Arts. In this collection of poetry and lyrics, @xpressionthemc takes readers on a lyrical journey of his trials and triumphs on his quest to fulfill his dream to be a Hip-Hop artist and loving father and husband.

Through metaphors, similes, and raw storytelling, Xpression broaches themes of life, death, and the search for meaning. 

Along for the lyrical journey is @angel_of_musik, an Expressive Arts Psychotherapist who provides provocative questions and Expressive Arts activities that will promote self-reflection and inspire creative thinking and wellness. 

This mother-and-son collaborative effort is a labor of love and a celebration of the magic that happens when passion, dedication, and sacrifice, meet.

Since the book and release of his last album, The Heartbeat, rumor has it that Xpression is working on The Write Path 2 album and is promising a great lineup to come with it.

He has not given the Hip-Hop fans an official release date yet for the project, but he confirmed it is in the works, so stay tuned.

Well, Xpression, we are excited for you and looking forward to hearing this new project. May you continue on your “write path!”

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