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Yang Se Jong Shares Message For Fans After His Discharge From The Military

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Yang Se Jong is back from mandatory military service!

Yang Se Jong enlisted as an active duty soldier in May 2020 and was discharged on November 15. He was discharged early without returning to base after his last leave as per the military’s rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On November 18, the actor shared a message with fans on his fan café.

To all those whom I love! Hello, this is Se Jong.

I said that I would come to find you one day and here I am. I’m sure you have a lot of disappointed feelings, but I cautiously believe that you’ll understand me.

I really missed you. Everyone has been doing well, right? I’m happy and relieved to think that I can greet you again with a healthy image after this time has passed. Now that I’m writing this, the fact that I’ve been discharged feels more real.

During my time in the military, I spent each day well while thinking about the people who are cheering me on with unchanged hearts. You gave me a lot of strength. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

To those who waited steadfastly for me, I will repay them with a good project. And I will keep updating you on how I’m doing.

Everyone! Take care of your health in the cold weather. It’s a difficult and tough time, but I hope everyone will be happy.

As always, thank you and I love you! Be healthy and healthy and happy!

Watch Yang Se Jong in “Thirty But Seventeen” below!

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