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Yanga Chief Reacts To His Single ‘Ntoni Na’ Performing Well On The Radio Charts

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Yanga Chief Reacts To His Single ‘Ntoni Na’ Performing Well On The Radio Charts. Yanga Chief’s latest single Ntoni Na is performing well on the charts. For the single, Yanga Chief collaborated with new wave rappers, Blxckie and 25K. The single had fans talking even before it was released. Prior to the song’s release, Yanga posted a snap of himself along with his collaborators dressed in traditional attire. Yanga had his fans hungry for the release as he dropped the music video before releasing the song on digital platforms. It seems the rapper’s strategy has paid off as the song has been heavily rotated on radio stations across South Ah.

Yanga Chief took to social media and shared a screenshot of the latest Radiomonitor Airplay Chart. Ntoni Na is number 8 on the charts. Considering that most songs on the top 10 of the chart are dance songs, Yanga being on the chart is quite the achievement. Yanga is not the only SA Hip Hp act on the chart, Costa Titch, AKA and Big Zulu are also on the chart. This is not the only achievement the song has bagged, Yanga recently shared that the music video had surpassed 350K views on YouTube.

Yanga previously explained the inspiration behind his new song, which is about celebrating blessings. “The song ‘Ntoni Na’ is about counting your blessing. In the first verse I touch on an abundance that I am grateful for, also touch on certain things that didn’t go my way,  where I started. It is reflecting and understanding my entire journey at the end of it having a lot of gratitude,” remarked Yanga. “I looked around in the industry right now at people that I think probably have a lot to be grateful for, Blxckie and 25K looked like they were grateful to be where they are and have worked hard to be where they are and understand themselves at the same level that I do,” he added.

Working with Blxkie was an opportunity of luck, as Yanga bumped into him at a studio session he was at and was willing to hop on his track. “As luck would have it, I ran into Blxckie in another studio session I was in, Blxckie was keen to do the verse and that inspired me to get 25k on the track, I thought that would be the perfect touch to ‘Ntoni Na’.” The rapper has hinted that he was working on an album, Pop Star 2 and when he is not in the studio, he is working on uniting SA Hip Hop with his Famous Friends event.

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