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Yanga Chief Sends A Message Of Appreciation To His Hip Hop Fans SA Hip Hop Mag

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Yanga Chief Sends A Message Of Appreciation To His Hip Hop Fans. Yanga Chief has released a new stunning track titled “Mdogish.” collaborating with Tman Xpress. Yanga Chief has gone a long way in his career, and he’s acknowledged that having a sense of belonging and maintaining the high level of consistency have made him stay longer and relevant in the rap game.

Yanga Chief Sends A Message Of Appreciation To His Hip Hop Fans

The rapper has been quite for a while in the hip hop game but that did not deter him to produce something for his fans before the year ends. The Popstar has sent a message of appreciation to his fans via an Instagram video. In the video he also took time to give much respect to Legend Dr Khumalo who he deemed to have played a significant role for the release of his new single “Mdogish.”

What’s up everybody I hope you guys are good.” I just wanna take sometime , thank you guys for all the love you have been showing me, lately, this year, forever, my whole career i really appreciate it.” “The single is out now called “Mdogish” featuring Tman Express shout to Tman, and shout out to the Legendary Dr. Khumalo man, if you know anything about Doctor, if you are young enough to see him play you know he is a special talent and he is the great in this country and I’m honored to be able to just do something that reminds us of him. So shout out to him!” He said.

Yanga Chief is one of the people that have mastered the craft of remaining relevant in the hip hop culture, making sure that he gives what is expected of him by his fans. He has made it clear that music is a good reflection of who he is and he is not ready to lose his identity.

Music is a reflection of who you are. “When you are still confused about who you are it becomes hard to be expressive about your culture and your upbringing fully and people don’t know who you are” “The older you grow the less apologetic you become,” he said.

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